Data, Voice & Fibre Cabling

Its all very well have the best server, back up unit, firewall or latest network switch- if you haven’t got the data cabling right- nothing will work or frustrate your users more.

It all has to get somewhere somehow

All the documents and the bits and the bytes and video links and the presentations are no good unless they get there. And we’re very good at getting them there, from WANs that stay secure, to telephony that doesn’t drop out, to Internet connections that stay connected.

Which is why we do. It’s why we won’t cut corners and why we think about scalability flexibility and versatility and it’s why we employ some of the best and best-qualified people in the business.

So you don’t have to.

Commander Centre MNC offers a full suite of cabling products for voice and data networks. We have a team of certified cabling engineers that provide Cat-5, Cat-6, and Fibre optic installations. Installations are carried out by our experienced engineers, trained to work within manufacturers’ guidelines and accepted industry standards. They pay particular attention to detail, both aesthetically and technically.

Should you consider Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is a single unified infrastructure which supports your PC’s, telephones and other devices in your building; taking away the need for multiple wiring systems.

With structured cabling you can:

  • Handle voice and data in any format, enabling you to simply plug the appropriate adapter in and get started.
  • Easily make changes by simply moving relevant patch leads and plug them into their new position.

Structured cabling in your business will give you a great deal of flexibility and allow you to make maximum use of your work space without the need for major rewiring every time you want to move a telephone or PC connection.

Let us show you how we can make your business networking more efficient while reducing costs with our data and voice cabling.